Coven of the Worm

Book One: Estranged Earth

Linda Caldwell attends Putty Hill Senior High with her friends Jane and Candy, where she meets and falls in love with an intriguing young man named David Yeng-Chi.

David seems perfect for her, but he has a dark secret. His father Hamaki had trained him to use a deadly mix of martial arts and magic in the service of his god—Chai'Huon Ju, the Defiler. David is a descendent of the Worm Clan of a long forgotten prehistoric nation called Hunjan. There were other gods and different beliefs among these people, but the Worm Clan had believed in Chai'Huon Ju's legacy of evil.

As the relationship between David and Linda grows, Linda begins to have prophetic dreams warning her to stay away from him. The visions are so insistent and frightening that she surrenders to them and breaks up with David. Enraged, David resolves to have revenge by conjuring his god to Earth.

Linda has a secret too, however—one that might help to save her soul from the Defiler. Prophecy was merely the first of her abilities to develop and—she soon discovers—there were more powers to come.

Book Two: Mystic Moon (in progress)

Eric is the son of David Yeng-Chi, who had unleashed Pure Intensity and wreaked havoc on a Maryland town in 1995—all in the name of revenge. When Eric discovers his true identity, he sets out to fulfill his destiny, which is to assemble a Coven and use it to release his evil god on Earth.

Daniel is an Avatar of the gods, and only he knows how to find the others like him. It is his destiny to gather the Avatars and lead them to battle against the Defiler before he can wage war on Heaven. Together with Dawn Lu, Linda Levinston, and FBI agent Carl Timmers, Daniel searches for Eric and his coven—hoping to find them before they can succeed with their diabolical plans.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

The Short Fiction Blues

I received more comments for my story "Hex Moon" at the Baen' Bar Slushpile. People liked it, at least, and I followed all the suggestions for revision the best that I could. It's just that some of the comments seemed misplaced. With the following sentence, I was told to make sure my tenses match:

"The Covens assembled outside the village, preparing for their journey to Luma territory."

And yet, I found this sentence (and many more like it) in Dave Duncan's Upland Outlaws:

"She walked in silence for awhile, trying very hard to shake off the aftertaste-of-nightmare feeling."

I was also asked how the Bone Wizard knew Q'La's name.

“I know your name. Your brother is mine, and now so are you.”

Well, I thought it was pretty clear when she says, "Your brother is mine . . ."

Maybe I'm wrong. If isn't clear, then I'll have to go back and change that point. No biggie.

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