Coven of the Worm

Book One: Estranged Earth

Linda Caldwell attends Putty Hill Senior High with her friends Jane and Candy, where she meets and falls in love with an intriguing young man named David Yeng-Chi.

David seems perfect for her, but he has a dark secret. His father Hamaki had trained him to use a deadly mix of martial arts and magic in the service of his god—Chai'Huon Ju, the Defiler. David is a descendent of the Worm Clan of a long forgotten prehistoric nation called Hunjan. There were other gods and different beliefs among these people, but the Worm Clan had believed in Chai'Huon Ju's legacy of evil.

As the relationship between David and Linda grows, Linda begins to have prophetic dreams warning her to stay away from him. The visions are so insistent and frightening that she surrenders to them and breaks up with David. Enraged, David resolves to have revenge by conjuring his god to Earth.

Linda has a secret too, however—one that might help to save her soul from the Defiler. Prophecy was merely the first of her abilities to develop and—she soon discovers—there were more powers to come.

Book Two: Mystic Moon (in progress)

Eric is the son of David Yeng-Chi, who had unleashed Pure Intensity and wreaked havoc on a Maryland town in 1995—all in the name of revenge. When Eric discovers his true identity, he sets out to fulfill his destiny, which is to assemble a Coven and use it to release his evil god on Earth.

Daniel is an Avatar of the gods, and only he knows how to find the others like him. It is his destiny to gather the Avatars and lead them to battle against the Defiler before he can wage war on Heaven. Together with Dawn Lu, Linda Levinston, and FBI agent Carl Timmers, Daniel searches for Eric and his coven—hoping to find them before they can succeed with their diabolical plans.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

My Horrible Posting Habits

So I have become very very bad at posting regularly to this blog. There were plenty of things I could have said but didn't, too. I could have talked about Brandon Sanderson's Elantris (which was a great book, by the way), or Terry Coultier's The Demon Inside, among other things.

One thing I'd really like to forget is the fact that I seemed to have lost my motivation to write altogether. I forced myself to write something back in November (or was it October?), but I haven't done anything since. For a long time, I couldn't even come up with ideas. A couple of days ago an idea finally took shape in my mind, but I still haven't written anything. There are certainly a lot of factors that contibute to this, and I guess I'll have to deal with them all one by one.

There is also the fact that my computer has been working badly for the past eight months, and I have dreaded spending any time on the net because of it. I've talked with my ISP, eMachines tech support, and Best Buy Geek Squad several times each with no luck. Finally, Best Buy said they believe my computer has a virus, which isn't covered by the warranty, and that it'll cost $300 to fix (which is almost as much as I paid for the computer)! I said that I've run my antivirus scanner many times since the problem occurred and it never found anything wrong. Since then I have run four different antivirus programs and none of them found any problems, but my computer still malfunctions and still refuses to stay connected to the net, so once I receive the recovery disk in the mail I'm doing a full factory recovery. If it doesn't end there, I'm going throw #$^@#%@#@ thing out the window!

Anyway, I have decided that I will start posting to this blog on a schedule, even if all I have to say is trivial and uninteresting. I will make a post every Saturday by midnight the latest from now on, no matter what. One way or another I will improve my posting habits. Thanks to all my regulars for their patience!


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